photo (1)This picture was taken last year on my birthday.  It’s one of my favorite memories because it’s a reminder that I am loved by some amazing people!

At the time, I traveled a lot for work and had to catch a 11AM flight which happened to fall on a Saturday.  My sister didn’t want to send me off without birthday love so she spent all night preparing a meal.  A group of good friends came to our place at 8AM on a Saturday morning to have breakfast and celebrate!  The food was delicious but what makes it one of my favorite memories was the intention and love behind it.  I find that many of my favorite moments in life are surrounded by people, food and music….

Now I’m in a new city, new job, and away from many of my closest friends and family.  I figure, if I can’t share a meal with them I can share my recipes!  Hey, isn’t this a little like teaching people how to fish!  I hope you enjoy the recipes and my rambles.  Here’s to friends, trying new things and new adventures! CHHEEERRRSSSS!!!!

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