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a dash of confessionals – meet the garbage bowl.

2015, what a ride already!! We are well established in March how did we get here?  This is the first evening in a long time I get to sit and process.  I could bore you with all the details, but who really wants to know about boring details.

Friends why are we so awkward in front of those we want to impress?  Maybe I just want to impress, lame, I’m lame I get it.  Being relatively new to an area and social group makes me do weird things…  in an effort to be well liked, to be known, to catch the eye of someone.  Oh the later, smh..le sigh.

When are you the best version of yourself?  Who are you the best version with? Who are you?! If who you are or how you are changes in light of who you are around, how are you sure you know? Do you just pick your favorite you or take an average?  Is reflecting differently around others truly authentic? Should our desire to be authentic always?

New situations, new people are not my forte, more like my piano.  – Nerd!  Nervousness takes over.  Ironically, often I over share in hopes that we will be comfortable with one another faster, but it comes off as self-involved and pretentious. booooo

To be known, authentically by others, I think this is the closest, realest definition of community I can come up with.  Who is your community?

This sounds like a Xanga post.  I loved Xanga, EMO EMO EMO… I should just have Dashboard Confessionals embedded in the background with blinking hearts on my wallpaper.  haha

Anyway lets move on to the food.  Garbage bowls maybe the most common thing I eat at home.  Buddha bowls are super healthy (adheres to Buddhist traditions) and skews Asian but garbage bowls are those random dinners that are consumed more out of need than want.

Tonight’s is left over Jigae that I put over leftover otomoyaki. When they were fresh, both dishes were brilliant! The stew was velvety with in your face miso flavor and spice from the jalapenos.  The otonomoyaki was great! Roasty flavor from the nagaimo layered with peppers, carrots, and cabbage with a thin layer of egg.  Pillowy and delicious.  Now, it’s all mush in a bowl.  Mush mush mush, tasty mush.  Would I serve this to you if you came over, no, but its Monday dinner.

Throwback Tuesdays – Awkward Corporate America

Throwback Tuesdays – are older posts from days gone by, reuse and recycle entertainment!!

Awkward Corporate moments
There are definitely things that you do when you are in corporate America that you never do otherwise.
Excessive talks about the weather
Brainstorming about Excel, CRM, SAP,  or Lotus notes or some other internal system
Talking about a database that is very specific to your company, thus alienating everyone else!

And then the weird awkward conversations….
“Hey Jim, nice to see you in the cafeteria, I see you got some sandwich action”
The supervisor from Asia or Europe who uses his middle finger to point to things
European colleagues who talk about handing over the ball way too much… stop talking about balls.

OR like this….
There was pizza left over from another meeting, so I caved and had a slice of pepperoni.
Me:  “Ah, don’t judge, empty carbs at 3PM is a weakness of mine.”
Male coworker: “Oh I would have pegged you as a sausage girl”
Me: “hahaha, right”  
AWKWARD… and you can’t even point to how awkward that was and break the tension because it may be inappropriate so it just lies there like a dying cat… meow. (meow indeed!)